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The Journey Continues

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: February 23, 2018 Blog: Warriors

The Journey Continues

As I sit here thinking about the past few weeks, it's awesome to see God working on me.

December has been challenging health wise. I had to have emergency surgery on my hiatal hernia. My stomach had moved into my chest and was


twisting. It happens quite often and is dangerous once it begins to twist. There was no choice but to have it repaired. God led me to a wonderful physician that had special training for this kind of surgery. So blessed!

The surgery was successful and after spending 10 days in the hospital, I got to go home. Now I'm trying to heal and get my strength back so the cancer surgery can take place in January. During this healing time, I've experienced pain, bloody nose, swelling, dizziness, neuropathy, and no appetite, among other things.


I had one more chemo before surgery but I get to skip it, PTL! I'll be having surgery in January and then IV treatments for a year after. It's a process and many prayers will be needed on this journey. I truly believe all the prayers are what got me through this month, and I'm so grateful to everyone that prayed, visited, sent food and cards, and called to chat. God has blessed me with great friends and family.

My husband and daughter have been so good to me and supportive every step of the way. I'm so blessed.

Jane Davis

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